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Mortise locks


XS4 Mortise locks

Access control requires a good, reliable door locking system. SALTO offers a wide range of mortise locks in order to ensure that the door is correctly locked.

Whether you need ANSI mortise locks, Euro locks for wooden doors or narrow profiles, DIN locks, cylindrical cartridge latches or automatic locks with privacy and panic functions, SALTO has the locking system you need. Our complete range of mortise locks enable you to install SALTO electronic escutcheons and cylinders correctly without compromising security.

Main features and benefits:
  • Lock case, latch and deadbolt made of steel.
  • Possibility of ANSI, Euro locks, DIN locks (distances 72, 85 and 92mm) and cylindrical latches.
  • Wide range of back sets and front plate configurations to fit most doors.
  • Optional panic function for greater security of the users or guests.
  • Equipped with auxiliary latch (anti card system) to prevent unwanted intrusions.
  • Highest certifications compliant*.
  • With automatic deadbolt or latch through in option.
  • Optional with deadbolt detector for electronic privacy function.
*Depending on the mortise lock model the certifications can vary.

Product Range

XS4 ANSI mortise lock with deadbolt 2009

SALTO XS4 ANSI mortise locksXS4 ANSI mortise lock with deadbolt

Specially designed for those doors that need an ANSI mortise lock ANSI A 156.13 Grade 1 and a privacy function with a deadbolt, for hospitality purposes.


XS4 ANSI mortise lock 2009

SALTO XS4 ANSI mortise locksXS4 ANSI mortise lock

Specially designed for those doors that need an ANSI mortise lock ANSI A 156.13 Grade 1 this lock is a balance between ease of use, security and warranty.


XS4 Cartdridge Cylindrical latch 2009

SALTO XS4 Cylindical latchXS4 Cartridge Cylindrical latch

With the SALTO XS4 cylindrical latch you can replace existing traditional knob sets, and upgrade them with a state of the art electronic access control system. SALTO Cartridge cylindrical latches are ANSI A156.2 Grade1 or 2, depending on the model and enable users to replace old cylindrical or tubular latches for new high quality ones compatible with SALTO electronic escutcheons.


XS4 Euro mortise locks (axes distances 92mm.) 2009

SALTO XS4 Mortise locksXS4 Narrow profile Euro lock  (axes distances 92mm.)

SALTO offers 2 different mortise locks suitable for narrow profile doors.


S4 Euro mortise locks DIN (axes distances 72mm.) 2009

SALTO XS4 Mortise locksXS4 Euro lock DIN (axes distances 72mm.)

SALTO offers 2 different DIN 18250 mortise locks suitable for all kinds of wooden doors that need to be compatible with DIN standards. The locks are automatic locks that project the deadbolt when the door is closed for greater security. For user safety the mortise locks also have a panic function so they can be opened from the inside in case of emergency.