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Access Control Mangement Tools

Access Control Management tools

Access control management tools

To perform routine tasks such as editing new user keys, set up the access control plan, run diagnostics on off-line devices, perform emergency openings in extreme situations etc SALTO has developed a useful range of tools to make such tasks easier and faster.

Product Range

SALTO XS4 Portable programming deviceXS4 Portable Programming Device

The SALTO Portable Programmer Device is the messenger between the computer and the lock. The SALTO PPD has a multilingual interface.


SALTO XS4 key card encoderXS4 Encoders

The SALTO encoder is a compact device which reads, encodes and updates cards. It is available in different versions depending on the PC connection (USB or Ethernet). It also permits automatic key issuing in large and complex properties, enabling users to carry out key assignment simply by having the encoder in a busy area where the user can get their card assigned just by presenting a card to the reader without any assistance required from the access control manager.



SALTO XS4 desktop readerXS4 Desktop readers

Created for the Hotel environment, the SALTO desk top reader is designed to read data from the R&W carriers and send it to an external device, usually a Point of Sale terminal. This can be useful in a PMS environment and works with industry standard protocol.