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SALTO Software

SALTO Software

SALTO Pro Access Software has been developed to create a powerful Access Control Management tool. Its features allow you to make the most of your building access control.

Pro Access can manage large numbers of doors and since most access related information is written directly on to the key cards, management of the doors is simply a case of managing the cards. Just by updating the cards you can quickly change most access related authorisations of the users including adding/deleting doors, time zones, calendars etc.

Pro Access can do all this and more. And thanks to its advanced software features, Pro Access is also one of the most user friendly and powerful software products for the access control management of stand alone devices, and IP on-line devices in one converged platform.


Software Access

Software Pro Access

SALTO Pro Access Software has been developed to provide a powerful Access Control Management tool. Its main features allow you to program access time zones for each user, take into account different company calendars, obtain audit-trails from the door to see who has passed through it, and it includes special functions like automatic changes of the door status, anti pass back and relay management (i.e. elevators control).

Software hams

Software Hams

Salto has developed HAMS (Hotel Access Management Software) in order to provide an extremely useful tool for the control of hotel access and guest management.